Having ventured into different grounds by performing in bars, clubs, festivals, live shows alongside huge artists and competing in numerous dj battles, ...

K Faith has become a household name in the Singapore nightlife scene.
Being one of the youngest male djs currently, K Faith looks forward to being the torchbearer of his generation. K Faith is very versatile and plays all sorts of genres to appeal to different type of crowds making him a go-to dj when it comes to dj bookings. Adding turntablism and dj tricks into his sets are his forte, which brings the attention of party goers. Known for his prowess in songs selection and mad flow as a Hip Hop/R&B dj, K Faith brings a unique energy to the crowd, one they could look forward to each time he steps on stage..



Thursday, 20th of December
Entry Fee: 300 Thb for Males, 200 Thb for Females (includes 1 drink).


Performances by:
- K-Faith (Main act)
- MD Mochio 
- DJ EThemiz
- DJ Mizz G
- MC G-Spark
- The Next Level (Band)
- Sugar Babes (Dancers)


For more information and table booking please contact:

T: 061-391-3111
E: info@sugarclub-bangkok.com