Hokuto (Tokyo)


The New York Native DJ Fatfingaz has immersed himself in practically every aspect of DJ Culture.

Making a name for himself as a force in the industry, his foundation in technical art of party rocking is combined with a background in technical skills.

Aside from touring domestically & internationally, The aforementioned details of DJ Fatfingaz (the combination of technical skill, party rocking, Host of Events/ Crowd Motivator & being a business minded individual) makes him a multiple threat in an industry where DJ’s are easily disposed.


Thursday, 21st of February
Entry Fee: 400 Thb for Males, 300 Thb for Females (includes 1 drink).


Performances by:
MOUSS & EKLIPS (Main act)
- MD Mochio
- DJ EThemiz
- DJ Mizz G
- MC G-Spark
- The Next Level (Band)
- Sugar Babes (Dancers)


For more information and table booking please contact:

T: 061-391-3111
E: info@sugarclub-bangkok.com