DJ FatFingaz

DJ FatFingaz

DJ FatFingaz | Thursday, 27th of February

The New York Native is back again rocking Bangkok's best Hip Hop Club!

DJ Fatfingaz has immersed himself in practically every aspect of DJ Culture. Making a name for himself as a force in the industry, his foundation in technical art of party rocking is combined with a background in technical skills.

Aside from touring domestically & internationally, The aforementioned details of DJ Fatfingaz (the combination of technical skill, party rocking, Host of Events/ Crowd Motivator & being a business minded individual) makes him a multiple threat in an industry where DJ’s are easily disposed.

A passionate individual in terms of his Career, he is very adamant about maintaining “the love of the crowd”. The collective
resume further emphasises that his feet have been planted into the game and moving up is the only direction.

Cover charge:
400baht for men; 300baht for women (incl. 1 drink)

Performances by:
- DJ FatFingaz (Main act)
- Triple Threat (Singers)
- MC G Spark
- MC MD Mochio
- DJ Pipe
- DJ Golfindro
- Sugar Babes (Dancers)


For more information and table booking please contact:
📱: +66 (0)61-391-3111